Will Donald Trump announce his candidacy for 2024?

This Monday, July 4, Americans celebrate their national holiday. Donald Trump could take advantage of this event to declare his candidacy for 2024 even before the mid-term.

Donald Trump is eager to return to the political arena. As Americans celebrate this Monday, July 4, the 246e anniversary of the birth of the United States, the former president would soon consider starting his presidential campaign for the 2024 elections. And this announcement could well come today.

Indeed, Donald Trump could repeat the same scenario as in 2015 when he presented his candidacy before the mid-term legislative elections in November, i.e. in June.

The 4th of July is also an occasion when politicians address Americans. Donald Trump’s long-awaited speech could therefore be the subject of an early announcement of his candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections.

Donald Trump, between doubt and certainty

Through this candidacy, the Republican would aim to act more quickly to mobilize his supporters and not to feed the crowd of Republican candidates who are in his rear view mirror.

“I think being clear about your intentions [est important] so he can start building this operation while it’s still fresh in people’s minds and they’re still active – a lot of this can be converted into action for 2024,” said Jason Miller, advisor to longtime Donald Trump, on NBCNEWS.

However, for part of the camp of the former American president, vagueness would always reign. “Discussions about an early announcement are ongoing, people are planning,” a source close to Donald Trump told the New York Post newspaper. “Although there is nothing concrete at the moment, people are preparing,” she added.

joe biden

Joe Biden weakened

This announcement by Donald Trump would come as Democratic President Joe Biden is currently (very) far from the hoped-for success. Indeed, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey relayed by The Hill this Friday 1er July, 7 out of 10 Americans do not want the current tenant of the White House to be re-elected.

Worse still, 45% of opponents consider the Democrat to be a “bad president” and 33% consider him “too old”. In addition, 25% of respondents believe it is time “to change”.

If Joe Biden’s popularity continues to decline, it is in particular because of the problems facing the United States and which remain, until now, without convincing solutions.

Moreover, 50% of Americans surveyed estimated that Joe Biden “failed” in the management of Covid, 43% in the field of Labor, 32% in economic solutions and 28% in the management of inflation.

But despite the unpopularity of the current president of the United States, Americans are not necessarily tempted by the idea of ​​voting for Donald Trump in 2024.

According to figures published by Harvard-Harris, more than six out of ten Americans say they are opposed to a new candidacy of the businessman in two years.

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