Why are dogs allowed in some restaurants and not in others?

If your doggie is generally accepted on the terrace, this is not always the case inside the restaurant on which you have set your sights.

However, you would like this to be the case, in rainy weather, of course, but also during very hot weather to take advantage of beneficial air conditioning.

“But can I or not go with my dog ​​in a restaurant on the front door of which no prohibition would be explicitly mentioned?” asks one of our readers…

A majority accepts it provided it is wise, of course

Before finding the answer to this question, we conducted a survey of around forty restaurants in Picardy Wallonia.

A very large majority – 35 of them – replied that dogs were welcome in their establishment.

Some even specifying that he would receive a bowl of water there, even a bowl among the most affable.

A few specified that they only accept dogs that are small in size and that “know how to stand at, or rather “under”, the table” .

The most open even offer spaces more specifically reserved for dogs (a clear table, for example, with the possibility that he can lie down in a corner…).

We will of course not mention the name of an establishment as the list would be long and risk not being exhaustive.

But the owners generally know which group to register on social networks to find ideas for outings adapted to their wishes.

Among those who clarified that dogs are not welcome in their homes, we were treated to various arguments such as: “It’s a question of hygiene” (Editor’s note: in this case, it might also be necessary to review the acceptance criteria of certain customers); “this is so as not to bother customers with allergies or who are afraid of dogs” , “It’s because the dining room is too small and your companion would be too cramped there…”

Some claim that they are only complying with the measures imposed by the AFSCA, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

It is therefore quite naturally to the latter that we asked the question raised by our reader.

No ban for the FASFC, unless…

“No pet can enter areas where food is handled, processed or stored: this is prohibited by law. The Belgian legislator has however introduced 2 exceptions, explains Aline Van den Broeck; Afsca spokesperson.

1) Pets may enter a room where food is consumed (restaurant room, chip shop room, snack room, etc.) provided that the manager gives his approval and provided that the animal does not cannot be the source of any contamination.

A dog in the restaurant is therefore not prohibited, provided that the manager gives his agreement. If you want to eat in a restaurant with your pet, find out beforehand to see if this is the case.

On the other hand, a dog cannot enter a supermarket or a butcher’s shop, since there is no consumption room.

2) An additional exception exists for service dogs (specially trained for this!). One cannot prohibit the access of a master with his service dog in a room accessible to the public where foodstuffs are present. An assistance dog can therefore not only enter a restaurant with its handler, but also a bakery, a supermarket, a chip shop, a butcher, etc.

He obviously cannot go beyond the counter and enter the crafting workshop. »


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