We know the name of the future brand that will carry the future 5-star hotel in Menton

Bye bye Marriott. Welcome InterContinental. The future 5-star hotel in Garavan will not open under the brand initially announced. But it will include a spa, two restaurants, 90 rooms with an average area of ​​45 m² (accessible for 350 euros per night), 10 suites between 80 and 100 m², modular rooms for organizing seminars, a swimming pool, shops , a car park, as well as a top floor suitable for event operations.

The developer has agreed that the luxury establishment – which was originally due to be completed in June 2020 – will be delivered on November 30, 2023. A delay which prompted the municipality to extend the lease by two and a half years – i.e. until to June 19, 2092! – to take into account the period during which the hotel was not occupied. Because not finished. And during which no rent was collected. “It is important that the City does not have to suffer this loss, even if we will no longer be there to verify it”jokes the mayor, Yves Juhel.

On the opposition benches, Gabrielle Bineau recalls that “the most sincere wish” of his predecessor, Jean-Claude Guibal, “was to see this hotel emerge from the ground, but not under any conditions”.

“Rest assured, if the site is progressing, it is because the people who work there are paid”

“He would probably have validated this second amendment but he would have liked to ensure the good health of the group before validating it”, she continues. Asking if the financial guarantees have been obtained. “I am delighted to see that for once you have the impression that I am doing what Jean-Claude Guibal wanted…”begins the mayor, teasingly.

Before confirming that the Banque des Territoires should indeed intervene in the round table to allow the financing to be completed. “Rest assured, if the site is progressing, it is because the people who work there are paid.”


In order to “contribute to the costs incurred by the organization of the collection of perishable foodstuffs on the territory of the municipality”, the Cœurs du campanin will be awarded 5,000e. The Local Union of Combatants will be helped to the tune of 300th to organize an exhibition around civilians in the European conflicts of the 20th century.e s. > Provision of staff

Two gardeners and three City Heritage agents will be made available to the association for the protection of exceptional gardens in Menton. > Tax on outdoor advertising

A tax on outdoor advertising will be applied, with the exception of advertising areas of less than 7 m². The City thus intends to collect 300,000th in annual revenue. “In the current context where businesses are experiencing increases and starting to repay their loan, is this the right time? »questions the opponent Sandra Paire. “It’s never the right time to increase things, but everyone has to be part of the effort. We try to do it as reasonably as possible, and small businesses will not be affected.replies the mayor.

6 extra-municipal commissions

In order to “strengthen participatory democracy and information for citizens”, six extra-municipal commissions will be created. A way to legally bring in political sensitivities not represented on the municipal council – such as the union of the left and ecologist. The chosen themes? Violence against women and status of women; tourism, trade and economic development; sport, culture and youth; habitat, housing, security and good citizenship; environment and eco-citizenship; social Affairs. Each commission will include a minimum of 12 members, a maximum of 25.”A number of names have already been sent to us. It is totally open, that interested people make themselves known to the mayor’s office.slips Yves Juhel.

Specifying that the commissions will be chaired by the elected representative of the delegation concerned, and will meet at least twice a year. The distribution of members will be as follows: one third of elected officials – all tendencies combined -, two thirds of non-elected personalities. “Is it possible to add the harassment part – at work, at school – in the violence?, asks the opponent Anthony Malvault. Before asking that a prevention poster against school harassment be shared in the establishments of the commune, since more than one in 10 children is affected in France. The chosen one will get a double deal.

“On behalf of Réconcilions Menton, we thank the mayor for this effort to compensate for the non-representativeness of the municipal election”comments for his part the ecologist Laurent Lanquar Castiel, who already did not hesitate to comment on the decisions taken in council, on social networks, since the sessions were broadcast live.

Cocteau, amphorae, museum strategy and the pass… culture

With the closure of the Palais de Carnolès, storm Adrian and its harmful consequences for the Cocteau museum, storm Alex and its weight on finances, then the Covid crisis and its (delicious) notion of a non-essential profession, culture has severely suffered. these last years. Several deliberations voted on Thursday came to restore the hope of a return to healthy considerations.

Ironically, the first of them could be renamed “La Tempête”. From the name of a drawing by Cocteau that the municipality will acquire to complete the collection of the eponymous museum. A work from 1926 or 1927, estimated at 2,500 euros, evoking “a storm at sea that shakes the Argo, a galley used by Jason and the Argonauts to find the golden fleece”. Any resemblance to a real situation can only be fortuitous… The news around Cocteau does not stop there: the two murals located in the mayor’s office should be given a makeover, a deal having been concluded with the heritage restorer who had already revived the wedding hall in 2018.

Amphora treasures

From the start of the school year in September, people from Menton aged 15 to 18 will also be able to use their Cultural pass – a state system set up to encourage young people to develop their taste for culture and diversify their artistic experiences – to pay the registration fees for the music conservatory or Emap.

Hosted in a private home since the 1960s, two amphorae Greco-Italic wine cellars will finally be deposited in the museum of regional prehistory. Recognized as state property since the lady to whom they had been given died, in July 2021, both will be able to join the “Treasures of Shipwreck” exhibition. Because these are indeed treasures, produced in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. That is to say at a time under Greek influence, prior to the development of Rome.

The municipality has more widely approached a consulting firm to “developing the cultural strategy” from the city. “We want to have new ideas”argues the mayor.


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