VIDEO. The show turns tragic in the United States: a heavyweight equipped with three aircraft engines explodes

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The American pilot of the fastest truck in the world, a semi-trailer on which three aircraft engines had been mounted, died on Saturday in the United States after the explosion of the machine. He had exceeded 480 km / h.

The video is dramatic. The pilot of a semi-trailer on which three aircraft engines had been mounted died on Saturday after suffering an accident during a motor show in the American state of Michigan, where he had exceeded 480 km / h.

Videos posted to YouTube show the truck said to be the world’s fastest, dubbed ‘SHOCKWAVE’, being hovered over by two planes as part of the show, appearing to lose control before bursting into flames and performing a series of barrels on the tarmac at the Battle Creek airport, where the air show festival takes place.

Chris Darnell, 40, died “of his injuries” after this accident caused by a “mechanical breakdown”, his father Neal Darnell said on Facebook. “We lost our youngest son Chris in an accident where he was doing what he loved: performing with SHOCKWAVE,” he added.

An ongoing investigation

Equipped with these three aircraft engines, the truck had previously reached the speed of 605 km / h, a record for a semi-trailer, according to the company’s website. “The investigation into this accident is continuing,” noted the Battle Creek police on Saturday evening, which specifies that the American agency in charge of aviation, is participating in the investigations.

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