Victims of superstition, these adorable black cats fail to be adopted

Nothing like a photo of a cat to make the buzz on the Internet. But when it comes to adopting them, it’s more complicated… Especially when they’re black. This is what the “Animal for ever 83” association, based in La Verdière (Var), has observed.


On its Facebook page, the association launches a call for adoption, crisp photos in support, in the face of the resurgence of black cats, which it is struggling to get adopted.

“The first year, we had lots of adoption requests, it was very fluid”remembers Prescilla Houvin, president of the association, which she created with Carole Cossettini, in 2020.

If she admits that the periods of confinement have aroused an exceptional enthusiasm for pets, she deplores a drop in requests and attributes the dislike of black cats to the legend according to which they bring bad luck… Without this argument being explicitly put forward by applicants for adoption. “We simply notice that we have fewer requests when we offer black cats rather than those of another color. And this year, we have plenty!”

Sixteen black cats to place

On the side of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), there is no resurgence of black cats, nor any particular difficulty in having them adopted, even if the person in charge of the Flayosc refuge noted that “visitors to the shelter don’t naturally turn to black cats.”

“Animal for ever 83” collects stray or abandoned cats and offers them for adoption free of charge, against reimbursement of the veterinary fees incurred (for deworming, primary vaccination, sterilization and identification).

She currently has 16 black cats (including 11 kittens and 5 adults) waiting to find a foster family. “We can’t place them.” Despairs Prescilla Houvin.

To adopt a cat, you have to show your credentials. The members of the association, passionate about animals, ensure that the animals are welcomed in the best conditions: pre-visit of the home, adoption contract and follow-up. “We pick them up in the street or after an abandonment and sometimes we save their lives. So we want to make sure that everything is going well in their family and that they are happy.”

Back-to-school reservations

Faced with this influx of cats and to encourage adoption, the association has set up a reservation system. By means of a deposit check (cashed in the event of withdrawal), the “reserved” animal can be recovered after the summer holidays.

And for those who are not very “feline”, the association also gives dogs and new pets (Nac). Forty of them are currently waiting for a home.


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