Vasectomies on the rise in the United States after the revocation of the right to abortion

“That was the trigger.” Thomas Figueroa, 27, knew for a long time that he did not want to have children. But when the Supreme Court decided to overturn the Roe vs. Wade who guaranteed American women a constitutional right to abortion, the young man from Florida has taken an additional step.

“He made a June 27 appointment for a vasectomy with Doug Stein, a Florida urologist dubbed ‘the vasectomy king’ because of his active promotion of the procedure,” relates the washington post. The specialist has observed a significant spike in requests in recent days:

“It was already very noticeable on June 24 [jour de la décision de la Cour suprême]then there was a rush over the weekend [les 25 et 26 juin] and since then, the figures we record have always far exceeded the normal level of activity.”

“300% increase to 40

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