Under the influence of an administrative closure, a restaurant continues to open despite everything in Fleury-les-Aubrais

In Fleury-les-Aubrais, this resident of rue Jules-Ferry is not the only one to wonder. Neither to complaining for several years about the nuisances he attributes to the restaurant “Au Plein air”, installed in one of the pavilions of this residential district and whose customers are received, in the evening, in the garden.

Several minutes

After having already had to lower the curtain in the summer of 2021, the establishment is once again under the administrative closure measure taken by the municipality, because of “non-compliance with the rules of accessibility and safety”, details the mayor (PS) of Fleury-les-Aubrais, Carole Canette.

The municipal decree dates from November 2021 but, in recent months, we have only been able to see that the restaurant continues to open and receive its customers despite everything.

So the municipal police – and the national from time to time – are regularly called upon to observe various nuisances and draw up reports.

Anarchic parking, sale of alcoholic beverages, noise… “Many fines have been drawn up in recent months, we try to have as many as possible in order to show the extent of what the neighborhood suffers daily”, confides Carole Canette, who considers having gone “to the end” of what she could hire.

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“Untenable” nuisances

“I warned the prefecture in March 2022, wrote a letter to the public prosecutor in April… The manager is summoned to court in October 2022. For local residents, that’s for sure, it’s a long way. That means thatthey will still have to spend a whole summer enduring nuisances which, on a day-to-day basis, are indeed untenable.”

The manager of the restaurant, for her part, does admit to opening in the evening, despite the administrative closure measure.

The manager speaks of a “friendly atmosphere”

She explains that she carried out all the work (gas, electricity, etc.) which had been requested to comply with safety and accessibility rules. She explains to receive her customers “in her garden”, without music or noise, but in a “friendly atmosphere”. As for parking… “Perhaps a solution can be found with the town hall so that places are arranged?”

“In any case, I work, because, financially, I cannot afford to stop.”



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