Twice, he leaves his dog in his car parked in the sun and goes to have fun in an amusement park

Twice reported for having left his dog inside his car, parked in the middle of a heat wave in the parking lot of an amusement park, a man received a simple warning. He was able to leave with the animal without being worried, while the latter could have stayed there.

For several hours, the owner of a dog left the latter locked in his car by nearly 50°C, to have fun in an amusement park in Ohio. The man was lectured twice that day for the same reason, first by the security service, then by the police. A story told by Fox 29 / WFLX.

The dog could have died there, he who spent several hours inside his master’s vehicle in full sun, while he was visiting the amusement park Kings Island at mason. Local police documented the incident in a report released on June 20. The facts had taken place 5 days earlier.

A police officer had been called by park security about a small white dog left in a car and panting heavily. It was 6 p.m. According to the police officer, the windows were only lowered by 7 to 8 cm. The security guards measured the temperature in the passenger compartment: 47°C!

They told the policeman that they had spoken to the owner 3 hours earlier, when the mercury was reading 50°C. The canine was then already alone in the car and suffered terribly from the heat.

The officer opened the vehicle, got the dog out and took him to the infirmary. He left a note on the car telling his owner where his pet was. He came to pick it up soon after.

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Are the authorities too lenient towards the owner?

The policeman explained to him that in the event of a recurrence, he would be prosecuted for animal cruelty. For their part, those responsible for Kings Island told him that he was no longer welcome that day.

The man said he understood and left the scene with his dog, without any form of punishment other than a warning from the police officer. An indulgence that is surprising, even scandalous, given the treatment reserved for the quadruped…


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