This Dog Puts Kittens In Their Beds Every Night And Kisses Them Goodnight

balu is a one-year-old Dachshund who had never shown his affective nature until then. But since Clor, the cat he lives with, gave birth to a lovely litter of 7 babies, the dog is incredibly tender. He even seems invaded by a protective paternal instinct.

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Balu takes care of the kittens before they go to bed

Juliet shared videos on his social networks, to show the ritual of balu at bedtime. While the kittens take a last feeding before sleeping, the Dachshund makes sure to position a blanket over them so that they don’t get cold. He takes the time to tuck them in one by one, and to give them lots of kisses. Clormeanwhile, watches him act with a benevolent gaze.


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At first we didn’t allow him much access because we were afraid he would hurt the kittens, but when we realized his reaction was affectionate, we let him hang out with them.”, Julieta said, in words reported by the Mirror newspaper. “We know the dog won’t hurt the cats, and we let them spend time together.”


El niñero Balu ❤️❤️ para los que nos preguntan como sigue esta historia hermosa ❤️❤️❤️ Gracias a todos de corazón ❤️ #Losamamos #Parati #Balu #Michis #Bebes #Familia

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The birth of the cubs brought Balu and Clor much closer

Whether balu had never shown his affectionate side until now, nor was he very close to Clor. As the story goes Julietit was the birth of the babies that brought them together. Clor and balu take care of the kittens and share the tasks as a couple would. Enough to melt the hearts of Internet users who have seen the videos!


Nuestros amores ❤️ sin duda acá se nota el amor y el cariño de como los criamos ❤️ Los amamos mucho ❤️❤️❤️ #Parati #Familia #Bebes #Michis #Balu @mateobressanelli0

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