This dog loves to climb on her daddy’s shoulders and do motorcycle tricks

Graham, the adoptive father of this adorable dog named Dotty, remembers having welcomed her into his home shortly after the death of her mother. A while ago, the wily dog ​​surprised Graham by jumping into the seat of her 1989 Honda VTZ250 motorcycle.

Since then, they often take pleasant walks together and, sure, Dotty walks out still wearing her own leather suit, glasses and scarf, as she rests her head peacefully on Graham’s shoulder.


Graham told Metro UK:

“Dotty turned into a biker. It’s my best friend. She’s always had a little jacket, but in the last 12 months she’s made herself look better. She has a custom leather jacket that I’m going to make especially for her.”

A little dog loves to ride a motorcycle


Graham recalls:

“I cut up one of my old jackets for her. She has a special backpack designed for dogs, glasses, a scarf too, and sometimes she wears a hoodie. She looks good. The best thing people tell us is “it made my day, my week”. Seeing Dotty instantly makes them smile. It makes them happy and it makes me happy.”


Dotty already has thousands of followers on social media, who enjoy watching her jump on her master’s shoulders, ready for a fun motorcycle ride. The adventurous couple are planning a trip to Wales this summer, and have already covered around 180 miles on the roads from their home in Rugeley to Snake Pass in the Peak District.

Graham says:

“I had a lot of personal family issues a few years ago. My mom was dead, my partner was gone, and then I had Dotty. She filled the void of everything that had happened at the time”.

female dog

The long-term project of these motorcycle lovers is to go to Europe. It will be a fabulous globetrotter on all fours and with a wet nose. Now Dotty is considered a “local celebrity”. In addition, her master does not fail to specify that she greatly appreciates the attention she receives from people.

Finally, Graham adds:

“She is devoted to me. She is an adorable dog, she is friendly and happy to ride a motorcycle. We have a special bond. It’s just the two of us, and that’s been the case for three years. »

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