They cry with the dog who appeared in the snow, but thanks to love she was able to survive

A dog found lying in the snow has brought the vets who helped her to tears. When they saw the pitiful and unworthy state in which she was found, their hearts broke into a thousand pieces.

If you think there can’t be people capable of committing unforgivable mistreatment of innocent dogs or cats, think twice. In the streets of Bucharest, Romania, the authorities are looking for an individual responsible for several cases of ill-treatment.

His latest victim was a German Shepherd dog who wandered the streets of this city. It seems that a neighbor in the community was feeding her, she as well as other street dogs.

The individual, who was described by authorities as “unbalanced”, attacked the poor dog, causing shocking injuries. It seems that he did it as a warning to the woman who supports the animals in the streets, in order to threaten her.

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They cry with the female dog that appeared in the snow

Unfortunately, he is an innocent and noble animal who has suffered the consequences of the bad feelings that this man is capable of having towards dogs.

The German Shepherd dog suffered serious injuries all over her body, including the loss of a hind leg and her tail. Unfortunatelyshe had to face many pains not only in her body, but also in her heart.

As if this mistreatment were not enough, the author left the dog in the snow that covered the streets of Bucharest, to meet certain death, helpless in the cold.

Fortunately, the poor animal was found by good people. She immediately received medical attention and the people who helped save her life couldn’t believe they were there. of such a heartbreaking case.

At first they thought the dog would not survive the pain, but she was strong and fought her way through this ordeal. So she was given the name Spirit and, once stable, the female dog was put up for adoption.

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A family in the UK wanted to give Spirit a second chance, away from the harsh past it had known in Romania. They wanted to give her the chance to leave her scars behind, recover and finally experience the happiness of being loved unconditionally.

It is impossible to know if an animal can overcome such a sad episode like this, but at least it is a relief to know that the dog is in good hands. For their part, the Bucharest authorities have set themselves the firm objective of finding the man behind this incident, who has also been responsible for other similar cases.

For the well-being of the other stray dogs in Bucharest, the animal rescue institutions in Bucharest want the matter to be resolved as soon as possible. quickly as possible. It is important that all cases of mistreatment are reported so that justice is served and other animals can be spared such devastating experiences.

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