These two zodiac signs are the worst to invite to a restaurant

Published on August 05, 2022 at 12:35 p.m.


Before you realize your mistake in front of the wine list and there’s nothing more you can do about it, be sure to check that you’re not dining with either of these two signs.

Be careful, no one said that you had to put an end to your friendship or your relationship with people born under these two astrological signs. But another choice of output would probably be more judicious. And this for everyone. Servers included.

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Taurus and their culinary requirements

“Excuse me, is that what you call Italian meringue?” Call me the boss,” you might hear a Taurus say over dessert. The cosmic ox is certainly friendly and relaxed. But the epicureanism of this earth sign, hungry for good food, borders on obsession. For Taurus, food is serious business. When each aperitif on the terrace must resemble the finale of Top Chef, there is inevitably something to be disappointed about. And don’t talk to them about a plank to share: they will answer you that they came to eat, not to peck. Possessive and attached to their personal space like no one else, if you take a fry from them, they will never speak to you again. This is your sign but it doesn’t look like you? Perhaps your moon sign is the tolerant Pisces.

Libras and the permanent dilemma

We see you coming: no, not all Libras are eternally undecided. But it is not us who invented it, the sign is particularly concerned with the notion of choice. Libra is literally represented by the object used to weigh the pros and cons. Its element, air, represents our thoughts and intelligence. And as much to tell you that Libra’s brains run at full speed as if each decision were crucial. Which honors them but does not make the process more pleasant or faster for others. This quest for harmony often leads Libras to offer several plates to share or even to pronounce yet another “we do half and half? “. Are you a Libra and absolutely not concerned? Calculate your birth chart, you may find a confident ascendant in Leo or a determined Mars in Aries.

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