the United States will help Qatar for security

After the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) last week, it is now the US Department of Homeland Security that will help Qatar at the next World Cup (November 21-December 18).

This is one of the central points of the logistics of the next World Cup in Qatar: security. While more than 1.2 million fans are expected in the country at the end of the year for the football high mass, the country is preparing logistically to avoid any false notes.

A little over a week after a press release from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), stating that it would provide assistance in this area to the country (training against the threats posed by chemical, biological , radiological and nuclear, protection of very important people, countering the threats posed by improvised explosive devices), the US Department of Homeland Security will do the same, we learned on Monday from several members of the organization.

Airports, cybersecurity… the United States is helping Qatar

Here again, the United States will provide support in several forms, such as the training of agents in airports or cybersecurity. This department brings together several services within its perimeter, in particular customs and the secret services. The Department of Homeland Security’s Undersecretary of Police, Rob Silvers, will even be in Doha this week to fine-tune the strategy with his Qatari partner.

Last week in an interview with ABC News, Rob Silvers already paved the way for this news. “We are committed to working closely with Qatar to ensure that the world can enjoy a safe and secure World Cup,” he said on the American media. A word that will, therefore, find its translation into action by the end of the year.

Nicolas Pelletier in Doha (Qatar)

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