The unforgettable encounter between a Golden Retriever and a dolphin results in a magnificent video

Golden Retrievers are particularly sociable dogs, who like to meet new friends, both human and animal. But few are those who will have the same luck as Kevin : sharing a whole day in the company of animals that can only be seen underwater.

Kevin was invited to visit the aquarium in Clearwater, Florida

Kevin is a famous dog on social networks, where his owner, Elysse Gorney, shares many videos of him. He has 439k subscribers on instagram.

Winter is also famous. He is a star of the screen, since he embodied his character in the film “The Incredible Story of Winter the Dolphin”, published in 2011. Winter had his caudal fin cut off when he lived in the waters of Floridaand he was saved by the association Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This story is told in detail in the film.

After a first meeting through FaceTime between the two animals, the water park decided to invite Kevin come and spend a full day on site. The aquarium has been privatized for him.

A day rich in emotion for the Golden

After about forty kilometers, Kevin arrived at the aquarium, equipped with his cap in the shape of a duck’s head, and eager to meet his new friends. The Golden was able to observe stingrays and was tempted to join them in the water. He was also slightly frightened by pelicans chattering their beaks in his direction.

But his favorite meeting was the one with Winter. Despite the glass that separated them, the dolphin came to stick his rostrum against the muzzle of Kevin. He greeted him by raising his fin, and a beautiful bond was established between the two animals.

This image is so pure that I had tears in my eyes. This boy loves everyone: dogs, ducks, people, babies and even dolphins“, told Elysse Gorneymoved.

© Clearwater Marine Aquarium

A bit of swimming to end the visit in style

After seeing all these pools, Kevin was lucky enough to be able to jump into the water in turn. He had the right to swim in the old swimming pool of Winteraccompanied by the caretaker Katie Wojdylaand he enjoyed it a lot.

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© Clearwater Marine Aquarium

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