The quotas of drinks that cafes must sell must not be respected during the Covid period

The Horeca sector, the Belgian Brewers and the Belgian Federation of Beverage Distributors signed, on Friday in Brussels, a document aimed at regulating the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the event of non-compliance by operators with the hotel, café and restaurant sector, supply quotas linked to the commercial contracts they conclude with distributors.

Most operators in the Horeca sector sign contracts with their beverage suppliers (distributor or brewery) which grant them rebates or other advantages, provided that they respect a certain exclusivity of supply. These contracts are generally linked to an obligation to reach a certain volume of orders for goods (hectoliters of beer, for example).

But the containment measures of the Covid period, resulting in the total or partial closure of the Horeca sector, prevented most operators from reaching their supply quota. This could have led some suppliers to apply contractual clauses providing for financial penalties against operators in the event of non-compliance with these quotas.

Therefore, on the basis of a “Code of conduct for good relations between brewers, beverage traders and the Horeca sector“, signed in December 2015, the parties concerned have decided to draw up an addendum to this Code, in order to create a situation “win-win“to maintain the balance between the parties concerned and avoid legal disputes, indicates a joint press release issued by the brewers.

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