the numbers of France and the USA known; Heavy

While eyes are on the NBA and free agency, for those who are already lacking basketball, tomorrow begins the U17 cup, where France won a silver medal two years ago under the impetus by Victor Wembanyama. It is with a magnificent new generation that the French team comes to Spain with once again great ambitions, among the favorites with Spain, and of course the United States.

We know the workforce of the blues, since Bernard Faure decided to cut Tidjane Salaun and Petar Majstorovic. The 12 will therefore be the following, with very, very good people to follow: Alexandre Sarr, Zaccharie Risacher, Noah Penda, Illan Piétrus and Killian Malwaya (players who could potentially be in the NBA in a few years).

  • #1 Pacôme Dadiet
  • #6 Theo Pichard
  • #9 Noah Penda
  • #10 Ilane Fibleuil
  • #11 Illan Pietrus
  • #12 Mohamed Diawara
  • #14 Wilson Jacques
  • #20 Alexandre Sarr
  • #21 Maxim Logue
  • #23 Killian Malwaya
  • #26 Elidjah-Gabriel Lamart
  • #Zaccharie Risacher

The blues start tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. with a big piece, Serbia. Sunday another complicated match against Canada at 3:45 p.m., then Tuesday it will be easier against New Zealand for the last group match. The 4 teams from each group are qualified for the round of 16, but the best ranking must be ensured. It will be to follow on the FIBA ​​Youtube channel.

On the American side, there will be the best player of his generation: DJ Wagner, announced as the future first choice of the 2024 draft. We will also follow Koa Peat, the 15-year-old nugget, Sean Stewart, Ian Jackson or David Castillo and Karter Knox.

  • #4 Koa Peat
  • #5 Karter Knox
  • #6 Jeremy Fears Jr.
  • #7 Johnuel Fland
  • #8 Ian Jackson
  • #9 Cooper Flagg
  • #10 David Castillo
  • #11 Ronald Holland
  • #12 DJ Wagner
  • #14 Asa Newell
  • #15 Dennis Evans

Team USA is in the pool of Lebanon, Slovenia and Mali.


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