the master holds his breath seeing what the dog does next (Video)

The duck climbs on the Golden’s back: the owner holds his breath when he sees what the dog does next (Video)

He’s a fearless duck!

The Golden is a breed of dog that is very popular with hunters because it is naturally good at bringing back game, and even more so in the water!

So we can be surprised that McGee, a 6-year-old Golden, made friends so easily with Daffy, a very pleasant duck and a sticky coat.

It all started when this lone duck approached with a certain step of McGee, who was resting near the pond at the bottom of the garden.

If the dog was a little surprised by this sudden approach, the friendship between the two animals quickly solidified.

Since then, McGee’s master has had a lot of fun seeing the doggie let this funny duck climb on his back, before slipping into the pond to take a dip together!

McGee even lets Daffy dig in his bowl at breakfast, and Daffy likes to take his digestive nap on the back of his canine friend. It’s simple: they spend all their time together, and make everyone who sees them smile a lot.

Like many Golden Retrievers, McGee is patient and gentle, which makes him a great friend to Daffy down the line!

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