actress Anne Heche in serious condition after car accident

American actress Anne Heche was hospitalized and is in serious condition after a car accident which took place on Friday August 5 in Los Angeles, according to several American media. Los Angeles Fire Department reported that a car hit a two-story house in the Mar Vista neighborhood, “causing structural damage as well as a heavy … Read more

what changes for you at the start of the school year

If you have restaurant tickets, the measures recently voted in favor of purchasing power will change the way you use them from the start of the school year. Currently, employees benefiting from restaurant tickets can use them up to 19 euros per day for their meal. Now, with the measures of the law on purchasing … Read more

The “no show”, this scourge which is expensive for restaurateurs

Empty tables, food thrown in the trash and part of the turnover going up in smoke. Restaurateurs warn of a new phenomenon: “no shows”. Understand: customers who do not go to the restaurant despite their reservation. In the middle of the tourist season, the phenomenon jeopardizes a good number of establishments already weakened by the … Read more

Are bagged green salads good for your health?

Lettuce, batavia, lamb’s lettuce, arugula… More than half of salad lovers buy their leaves in sachets. In Here we are on RTL, Flavie Flament says that when she eats a salad bought in a bag, she feels like she is “eating a salad with chemicals”. “We must not exaggerate, but indeed they are treated with … Read more

arrested for cybercrime, a Frenchman faces 116 years in prison in the USA

As part of an international investigation between Morocco and the FBI, a 21-year-old Frenchman was arrested and imprisoned in Morocco. He is wanted by the United States for his alleged involvement in a cybercrime case against companies, some of which are American. SĂ©bastien Raoult, was arrested on May 31 at Rabat-SalĂ© airport while he was … Read more

discover the ideal dinner for health

It is recommended to have dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed because digestion causes a rise in body temperature which is detrimental to sleep. And if you suffer from acid reflux, it is better to wait 3 hours before going to bed. To facilitate digestion, sleep well and stay healthy, some foods … Read more

what is the Natman diet, which promises to lose weight in 4 days?

You want to lose a little weight but you have neither the strength nor the time? There is a particularly strict food program but very effective. This is the scheme natman, also called “stewardess”. It’s a program that can be set up in just four days. Its principle: lose nearly 4kg in record timethanks in … Read more