the United States rejects the “sham elections” that the junta is preparing

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on the international community on Friday August 5 not to support the Burmese junta’s plan to hold elections next year, a “simulacrum“Electoral according to him. United States “strongly urge the international community not to condone the regime’s plans to hold sham elections next yearsaid the minister from Phnom … Read more

the Republican Party will hold its 2024 convention in the key state of Wisconsin

The Republican Party announced on Friday August 5 that it would hold its 2024 national convention to induct its presidential candidate in the US state of Wisconsin, won by a hair’s breadth by Joe Biden in 2020. Organized every four years a few months before the presidential election, the national conventions are political high masses … Read more

In New York, a McDonald’s waiter was shot for cold fries

A McDonald’s restaurant worker in New York is on the verge of life and death after being shot and wounded in an altercation with a young man and his mother over cold fries, police and a local newspaper reported on Wednesday. megalopolis. In a city where gunshots are daily, this new drama occurred Monday night … Read more

A farmer goes on vacation and leaves his sheep without water or food

A lamb was found dead on Tuesday after the farmer went on vacation and left no water or food for his sheep. It was in Ternand that the sheep were urgently recovered by the SPA on Tuesday. They were found completely starved and dehydrated and were entrusted to a breeder to take care of them … Read more

Indonesia and the United States hold a joint military exercise

Thousands of Indonesian and U.S. troops on Monday (August 1) began a two-week joint military exercise that Washington says aims to promote “regional cooperationamid tensions with China. At least 4,000 American and Indonesian soldiers are on site and will be joined by Australian, Singaporean and Japanese forces. Japan is participating for the first time in … Read more

Washington sanctions two Russians for interfering in US elections

The United States announced on Friday July 29 sanctions against two Russians accused of disinformation and interference in the American elections, and in particular of having financed pro-Russian propaganda and supported a candidate for the post of governor. “The individuals and entities named today have played various roles in Russia’s attempts to manipulate and destabilize … Read more

Marshal Haftar sentenced in the United States to compensate Libyan families

Marshal Khalifa Haftar, strongman of eastern Libya, lost Friday a battle in the judicial war which opposes him, in the United States, to nationals of his country accusing him of torture and extra executions -judicial. A federal judge considered that Marshal Haftar had not cooperated with justice and that he could therefore be sentenced “by … Read more

new US ambassador banned from entering

The government of Nicaragua on Thursday, July 28, withdrew authorization to enter the territory from the new United States ambassador, Hugo Rodríguez, whom it accuses of “interference” and D’”disrespect“. “The Nicaraguan government, in the use of its powers and in the exercise of its national sovereignty, immediately withdraws the authorization granted to Hugo RodríguezNicaraguan Foreign … Read more

he is assaulted with a shard for a dog story

A bottle attack occurred last Friday. The facts took place last Friday night, rue Saint Mathieu in Meyzieu. A 23-year-old young man was then joining other individuals when an altercation broke out. He was hit in the neck with a bottle shard. Hospitalized, he obtained 10 days of ITT without his vital prognosis being engaged. … Read more

61-year-old gang leader extradited to US

Honduras on Tuesday (July 26th) extradited to the United States Herlinda Bobadilla, a 61-year-old suspected gang leader accused of drug trafficking, arrested in May during a shooting in which her son was killed. The Eastern District of Virginia court indictment finds that Herlinda Bobadilla, aka Chinda, and two of her sons are the leaders of … Read more