Puppy ‘forgotten’ in car suffocates in mall parking lot, rescue operation succeeds

The panting, exhausted puppy had been in the passenger compartment of the car for more than two hours. It was the Cap 3000 security guards, alerted by a witness very worried about the animal, who intervened this Saturday around 6 p.m. They called in the municipal police. The vehicle was not exposed to the sun, … Read more

actress Anne Heche in serious condition after car accident

American actress Anne Heche was hospitalized and is in serious condition after a car accident which took place on Friday August 5 in Los Angeles, according to several American media. Los Angeles Fire Department reported that a car hit a two-story house in the Mar Vista neighborhood, “causing structural damage as well as a heavy … Read more

the United States rejects the “sham elections” that the junta is preparing

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on the international community on Friday August 5 not to support the Burmese junta’s plan to hold elections next year, a “simulacrum“Electoral according to him. United States “strongly urge the international community not to condone the regime’s plans to hold sham elections next yearsaid the minister from Phnom … Read more

the Republican Party will hold its 2024 convention in the key state of Wisconsin

The Republican Party announced on Friday August 5 that it would hold its 2024 national convention to induct its presidential candidate in the US state of Wisconsin, won by a hair’s breadth by Joe Biden in 2020. Organized every four years a few months before the presidential election, the national conventions are political high masses … Read more

He leaves his dog on his balcony, in the middle of a heat wave, without water or food, a man placed in police custody in Nice

The neighbors had watched helplessly at the sad spectacle for days. Stuck in a few square meters, in full sun, a Rottweiler-type dog was left to its own devices, on a balcony where it would have remained without water or food. The ground was strewn with his droppings. In order to help the poor animal, … Read more

The client of a prostitute is stripped and bitten by the dog of his attackers in Nice

Early Tuesday morning, the police arrested the alleged perpetrators of an unusual assault. The victim is the client of a prostitute who had made an appointment on an Internet site. Arrived at the address indicated, in the Trachel district, it is not the charms of a pretty young woman who await him but three men. … Read more

Annoyed by the barking of his neighbor’s Rottweiler, he stabs him nine times

03/08 The tragedy occurred Monday evening in the city center of Pordic, a town in the agglomeration of Saint-Brieuc, in the Côtes-d’Armor. It was 8:30 p.m. when the barking of a Rottweiler annoyed the residents of a condominium. One of them grabbed a knife, came out of his house and stabbed the dog nine times. … Read more

Cat found decapitated, disemboweled and tail cut off in front of its owners’ home

A cat belonging to residents of Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry (Seine-et-Marne) was found dead on a sidewalk in the city this Sunday. The corpse of the 4-year-old animal was found by a neighbor in front of his masters’ house. The little feline was decapitated and its tail had been cut off, according to information reported by The Republic … Read more

In New York, a McDonald’s waiter was shot for cold fries

A McDonald’s restaurant worker in New York is on the verge of life and death after being shot and wounded in an altercation with a young man and his mother over cold fries, police and a local newspaper reported on Wednesday. megalopolis. In a city where gunshots are daily, this new drama occurred Monday night … Read more

A farmer goes on vacation and leaves his sheep without water or food

A lamb was found dead on Tuesday after the farmer went on vacation and left no water or food for his sheep. It was in Ternand that the sheep were urgently recovered by the SPA on Tuesday. They were found completely starved and dehydrated and were entrusted to a breeder to take care of them … Read more