Jordan, a 31-year-old dad, is controversial after walking his quintuplets on a leash! (video)

Published on Friday, August 5, 2022 at 3:44 p.m. Jordan, a young American dad, splits the web after posting a video showing him walking his children on a leash. “They are children, not dogs! or “Can’t you just raise your kids right?” Explain to them what the dangers are if they run away, ”we can … Read more

A year after helping the victims of Ham-sur-Heure, Mathias must close his restaurant

Published on 07/14 at 20:06 By Xavier De Brabander Flood victims were able to find some comfort at the restaurant “Aux Mains d’Argent”, on the Place d’Ham-sur-Heure. A year later, Mathias and his partner Laure had to close their establishment: “We couldn’t get up”… ** ******* ***** ****** ********* ***** ** ****** *** ** *** … Read more