The walk of a Liégeoise turns to tragedy: her dog has its throat cut by two Amstaff on the loose

Lut Cuypers, from Liège, turned 70 last weekend. But the time was not really for joy. On the contrary. It is rather a terrible drama that replaced the festivities, with the violent loss of her dog, Pilou, a six-year-old toy poodle. ******** ******** ***** ********* ****** ** ********** ** * ** ****** ******** ******** ********* … Read more

Brady, a paralyzed dog rescued from a shelter in Mons, now runs thanks to… wheels!

Published on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 7:51 p.m. By C.Joly Brady was found climbing a highway and taken to Noah’s Ark in Maisières. Unable to walk, he is paralyzed from behind… Brady is a 2 year old American Staff. Affectionate, very cuddly and incredibly kind, Brady seems impossible to give up. And yet, on … Read more

“My brother was shot like a dog in Flémalle: 2 years later, nothing is moving forward”

By Arnaud Bisschop Judicial journalist at La Meuse | Published on 07/29/2022 at 05:01 The trial should not be held before spring 2023, 3 years after Medico shot dead his ex-stepson, Michaël Bomerson (34). The family of the victim notes the release of the shooter while the trial is slow to set up. **** **** … Read more

His dog Pikachu killed by a Pitbull in Gosselies: “Blood all over my clothes”

By Xavier De Brabander Journalist at La Nouvelle Gazette Charleroi | Published on 07/26/2022 at 17:27 While walking in Gosselies, Philippe’s little Yorkshire was attacked and killed by a Pitbull. A moment of “incredible violence” from which this 71-year-old retiree cannot recover. “I was leaving my house thanks to him.” ***** ** ** **** *********** … Read more

a dog placed in a plastic bag floated on the canal

Published on 07/23 at 6:47 p.m. It is a horrible discovery which was made this Friday by a citizen of Wiers. Indeed, a dog placed in a plastic bag was floating in the Wiers canal… ******* ****** ******** ** ******** ****** ******* ****** ** ****** *** * ****** ** ***** *** *** ******** ******* ** … Read more

Attacked during the day by a dog in Crescend’eau: “It could have been a child”

By Oceane Gaspar Journalist La Meuse Verviers | Published on 07/23/2022 at 05:03 While making her rounds at Crescend’eau, 21-year-old Jessica was attacked by an Amstaff who was not on a leash. In a fraction of a second, his calf ended up in the mastiff’s mouth. She is looking for the owner. ****** ** ********* … Read more

Lady Gaga’s dogs kidnapper actively wanted after mistakenly released

Howard Jackson, 19, and two other individuals had been charged with attempted murder and robbery for shooting an employee who was walking the singer’s three French bulldogs. American police were actively looking for a man, released by mistake, who is suspected of having violently assaulted a Lady Gaga employee to kidnap the star’s dogs on … Read more