Animal wandering: the SPA alerts the population

Animal wandering is a real scourge in our department. On vacation, like the rest of the year, there are many abandoned dogs and cats. The Sainte-Marie SPA is always full. Thus, young residents are waiting to find a family. L’wandering animal is a phenomenon that persists in Reunion. Indeed, on the island, the abandonment of … Read more

“Stray”, the video game that cats love

AFP, published on Friday August 05, 2022 at 08:15 The video game “Stray”, whose protagonist is an alley cat, has won over many humans since its release in July. More surprisingly, the title also arouses the fascination of felines. On Twitter, the “Cats Watching Stray” account, which lists the most zany reactions of cats observing … Read more

He leaves his dog on his balcony, in the middle of a heat wave, without water or food, a man placed in police custody in Nice

The neighbors had watched helplessly at the sad spectacle for days. Stuck in a few square meters, in full sun, a Rottweiler-type dog was left to its own devices, on a balcony where it would have remained without water or food. The ground was strewn with his droppings. In order to help the poor animal, … Read more

Cat found decapitated, disemboweled and tail cut off in front of its owners’ home

A cat belonging to residents of Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry (Seine-et-Marne) was found dead on a sidewalk in the city this Sunday. The corpse of the 4-year-old animal was found by a neighbor in front of his masters’ house. The little feline was decapitated and its tail had been cut off, according to information reported by The Republic … Read more

They are launching a petition for the creation of a beach for dogs in Hyères

“NOTour dogs also have the right to a moment of freshness, they should not be punished because of the behavior of some disrespectful masters who do not pick up “, indignant Anne-Sophie Guarino. This Fardéloise is at the initiative of an online petition which is gaining momentum: More than 24,000 signatures in 15 days. “It … Read more

Extreme heat: do dogs and cats suffer as much as we do?

Quite naturally, cats and dogs “will decrease their activity”. There is also a panting, in dogs in particular, to evacuate steam and heat. To refresh your pet, it is possible to wet it, the idea being to “create an evaporation process”. However, “you risk breaking your teeth with cats, who generally won’t let it go…” … Read more

Purina cat and kitten kibble withdrawn from sale

Three Purina brand kibbles for cats and kittens have been recalled. Cases of diarrhoea, vomiting and anorexia have been observed in several kittens in certain shelters in France. Lots nº1325091108, nº1351091108, nº1324091104 and nº1325091106 sold from November 20, 2021 to April 13, 2022 in bags of 400 grams, 3 and 10 kilos, must imperatively be … Read more