Stray Cat With Broken Hip And Frozen Ears Asked For Help And Is Now A Happy Cat

Being a stray cat on the streets of Montreal, Quebec is not easy. Extreme winter temperatures make life difficult and can cause irreparable damage. But with lots of love and care, this ailing ginger cat transformed.

Cheetoshis nickname, spent his first 3 years alone outside in a neighborhood of Montreal to Quebec. The residents offered him food and he seemed to be satisfied with it.

One winter evening, however, when the temperatures were freezing, the lone tomcat asked for help. He stood on the window of Marie Pier, a woman with a big heart. She therefore brought him into her home, offered him a good meal and a cozy place to rest.

But Cheetos looked very badly off. He seemed to have difficulty walking and his ears were devastated by frostbite. The poor little one had to go to the veterinary clinic urgently.

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A diagnosis that proves how much he suffered

The association Montreal Orphan Kittens took over. “Cheetos had x-rays which showed that his hip had a fracture at the head of the femur. The little guy needed surgery ASAP”said Celine Crom at lovemeow.

Cheetos must have suffered terribly. In addition, the tests revealed that he had FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

The tomcat was therefore operated on by the veterinarians. Fortunately, the intervention was a great success. But long months of convalescence were ahead.

This is Josh, a reception volunteer from the association who took him under his wing. He laid out a soft basket for her, gave her all his attention and affection. Cheetos quickly took a liking to his new luxurious life and was grateful to his host.

A few weeks after his operation, the feline regained his strength and got up to eat. It was a big win for the entire rescue team.

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Today, Cheetos is in great shape. “He discovered his passion for catnip-infused toys that bring out the kitten in him. He loves to stay in boxes and cupboards (his little caves) while he observes the world around him”told Josh.

Cheetos is now ready for adoption. He is looking for a loving home that will take care of him forever. There is no doubt that her story and her pretty face will melt hearts. In the meantime, the survivor enjoys the comfort of his foster home.


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