She wants to call her second cat, but the first tries to shut her up out of jealousy! (Video)

Instagram account creator Kareem & Fifi (dontstopmeowing) does not always have a say! This is revealed by a video shared last year on social networks and relayed by our colleagues from Newsweek.

The young woman, lying next to her male cat by the name of Chaserepeatedly tries to call her pussy Millie. In vain. The feline with the tiger dress puts its adorable paw on its mouth, to prevent the words from coming out.

Does he suffer from jealousy or does he hate hearing his mistress scream? Whatever the answer, his reaction made his owner laugh out loud, as well as many Internet users.


The sequence entitled ” The way he silenced me » (« The way he shuts me up ) has garnered nearly 290,000 likes to date. A shower of comments has descended since it was posted. Instagram users laughed at the situation, but also speculated to explain his behavior. ” I think Chase has attachment issues! “, Estimated a user.

During this scene, the young woman asks her boyfriend several times to stop interrupting her. His words do not discourage the adorable feline. The latter is determined to savor this “cuddling” break with his mistress… and with her only. Millie just wait your turn!

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The owner of the 2 hairballs created the account Kareem & Fifi to present their daily life. Photos and videos are regularly published, to the delight of the 1.4 million subscribers.

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