she hears an unusual noise, turns around and bursts out laughing (Video)

Visit to the shelter: she hears an unusual noise, turns around and bursts out laughing (Video)

Here’s one that’s unknowingly funny.

While going to a shelter to adopt a cat several years ago, Allie Malin meets Marley, an adorable tabby kitten. First good point for him, his first name, because Allie is a big fan of Bob Marley as she confides to Love Meow: “One of my favorite artists of all time is Bob Marley, and the shelter called him Bob Marley. I took it as a sign”.

A magical meow

However, she still wasn’t sure she wanted to choose him. “He started coming for me to pet him after a minute,” she describes. Then young Marley snuggled up to her… and he started meowing. However, his mewing puzzled the young woman: it was a cheerful, pure sound that made Allie laugh a lot: “We fell in love instantly. I knew at that moment that it was him.”

The lucky winner therefore returned with Allie to his new home and the young woman is far from regretting her choice: “He is the funniest cat I have ever met. He is so kind and friendly towards all those he meets” she explains. “He has so much energy and loves to play, but when he’s tired he especially loves being cuddled.”

As you can see in the video below, whether he meows or yawns, Marley lets out a meow that is as funny as it is endearing, half-purr, half-groan.

And besides his mewing, his general behavior is a constant source of entertainment for his owner: “He loves to play with the water in the sink, to play with feathers, to climb on the screens of my windows, to catch insects (for which he is very talented) and play peekaboo in the corners with me,” Allie told Love Meow. And to conclude nicely: It’s the best thing that ever happened to me!”

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