Salah Abdeslam’s lawyers denounce a decision “not in accordance with justice” and “will take the time” to decide whether to appeal

Olivia Ronen, Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer denounces on France Inter “the great elasticity of criminal law”sold by the prosecution” and “manifestly adopted by the magistrates of the Assize Court”.

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“We have a 10-day deadline, we will exploit it, we will take the time to discuss it with the main person concerned and obviously, in the end, it is a decision that is up to him”, indicated Me Martin Vettes, lawyer for Salah Abdeslam, sentenced to life imprisonment. He reacted Thursday, June 30 on France Inter to the possibility that his client appealed his conviction for the attacks of November 13 in Paris and Saint-Denis. A condemnation that he does not esteem “not in accordance with justice”.

“On our side, we defended that he could not have that sentence”, abounds master Olivia Ronen, also a lawyer for Salah Abdeslam. She denounces “the great elasticity of criminal law” who “was sold by the prosecution” and “clearly adopted by the magistrates the specially composed court of assizes”.

“This trial was extremely important, extremely moving, overwhelming, nevertheless we cannot hide our disappointment to see that there was something a little strange in the application of the law.”

Olivia Ronen

at France Inter

“We propose to condemn a person who we know was not at the Bataclan as if he were there”explains the lawyer. “Salah Abdeslam receives the same sentence, in the same way, in the same terms, as Oussama Atar who is the sponsor of November 13, the one who from the end of 2014 thought of the attacks of November 13, conceptualized them , organized them for almost a year”adds Me Martin Vettes.

The two lawyers who “cannot be satisfied with this decision”however do not wish “react hot” and “to be in the announcement effecton whether or not to appeal.

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