Residents of Tourcoing called the fire department after seeing a mini-leopard, but it was something else entirely

The calm of the town of Tourcoing, in the North, was somewhat upset this Sunday, June 19, 2022. The residents of the streets of Guisnes and Winoc-Choqueel were frightened when they saw a wild animal wandering on the roofs of the garages. But it turned out that he was not dangerous for a penny.

At the end of the afternoon around 5 p.m., the fire brigade of Tourcoing received an emergency call concerning the presence of a “mini leopard” in a yard. “He didn’t look aggressive, but you never know. And then he tackled a chicken coop in a garden”said a resident of the neighborhood to The voice of the North.

About 20 firefighters, the municipal police and the national police moved to apprehend the wild animal.

3 hours of research then a capture

The response team used a drone to locate the feline, which was finally located in a street garden. Winoc Choqueel. “He’s a very tall cat who can impress, but doesn’t seem aggressive”said Lt. Christopher Depoortere.

The poor beast, frightened by so much commotion, then took refuge at the bottom of a driveway. The canine brigade, experts in the field, took action to control it by injecting it with an anesthetic. Once the feline was asleep, the agents captured it and then entrusted it to the city pound.

Illustration of the article: Residents of Tourcoing called the fire department after seeing a mini-leopard, but it was something else entirely
Eric Denoeud – Deputy Mayor – City of Tourcoing

The police eventually traced the origins of the animal. It came from an apartment not far from there. His name is Princeis 18 months old and his ID card indicates that he is a Savannah cat.

These large tomcats, which can measure up to 45 cm once adults, are in fact the result of a cross between a Serval, a small wild feline from Africa, and a domestic cat.

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In France, it is possible to own a Savannah subject to a detention permit issued by the prefecture, but it is not considered dangerous. However, it remains prohibited in cat shows below the F5 generation (F1 being the 1st degree progeny), due to its non-domestic nature.

An investigation is still underway to determine if all the papers are in order.


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