Rescued Goose Develops Sweetest, Unlikeliest Friendship With Bull Terrier

This adorable goose is called Rillette and the patient Bull Terrier who accompanies her on her adventures is called Nino. Since the adorable goose returned home, the friendship of this particular duo has captivated and unanimously received support from his family and Internet users.

Rillette was saved from a goose farm at 2 weeks old. She had no family and cried almost all the time, so much so that it never crossed her family’s mind that she and Nino would immediately become best friends.

© Facebook/ @Ninodamouretdeaufraiche

But it only took 5 minutes after the little goose arrived for her to start following Nino everywhere. Apparently, it was love at first sight, and Nino instantly took on the role of big brother and became responsible for little Rillette.


From then on, the adorable dog was by her side, watching over her every moment, making sure Rillette was safe. Nino has cared for his little sister since she was just a few weeks old, giving her love and companionship all the time.

© Facebook/ @Ninodamouretdeaufraiche

Since now almost 2 years, Rillette has gone big goose, but this duo are still inseparable and continue to amuse everyone at home with their antics.

What amuses Rillette the most is stepping on Nino while he is lying down, and she accompanies this curious action with a cry, as if making fun of him and provoking him to get up and play. with her. And although Nino is usually patient with her and continues to sunbathe peacefully, Rillette does not give up until he has got what she wants.

© Facebook/ @Ninodamouretdeaufraiche

The truth is that the goose is now the boss of the house. So much so that the mischievous goose has taken it upon herself to teach Georgette, a hen rescued a few months ago by the family, the funniest way to force Nino to play with them.

And of course, it didn’t take long for Georgette to start climbing on top of Nino and stepping on him as well, just like Rillette does.

This adorable multi-species family knows how to have fun, and they really love to play and get mischievous outside. Rillette couldn’t find a better friend, and Nino, for his part, is proud of all that his feathered sister has accomplished.

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