Petition in Luxembourg: They want to impose bags to collect dog excrement


LUXEMBOURG – A series of petitions were validated on Wednesday in committee, one of which wants to impose bags for droppings on dog owners.

Should dog owners be required to carry poop bags when taking their pets out? This is what a petition validated on Wednesday morning in the Petitions Committee wants. It will therefore be open for signatures in the coming days, specifies MP Nancy Arendt (CSV), president of the commission.

The petitioner would like the police to be able to issue a fine when the bags are missing. The objective is obviously to limit the presence of droppings on the sidewalks. In the capital, some 60 tons of dog droppings are collected each year and a bill provides for a fine of up to 250 euros if the owner does not pick up the excrement.

The debates will follow in the fall

Another text asks that parking meters systematically accept bank cards, which is not always the case in the capital. Motorists are being fined for not having the coins to buy a ticket. Other citizens want an acceleration of the deadlines for health reimbursements, paternity leave extended to one month, extraordinary leave when children marry or even the more regular organization of referendums and the construction of shelters for animals in the fields. At the political level, a petition will claim the relative majority in the municipalities up to 15,000 inhabitants, instead of 3,000 currently.

We will have to wait to see public debates on the petitions. None is planned before the summer break and the next three planned will take place “between mid-September and mid-October”, continues Nancy Arendt. The texts asking for the reimbursement of psychologists’ bills, the development of children’s oncology and the waiver of the Covid-19 vaccination obligation for those over 50 have obtained more than 4,500 signatures, allowing a debate to be held . Those on the 35-hour week and the extension of parental leave are still open to initials, but have already exceeded the threshold. The debates will therefore jostle at the start of the school year.

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