Fitch raises the outlook for the United States from “negative” to “stable”.

The agency said it expected government revenue to rise this year, thanks to strong personal and corporate income taxes. ( Fitch maintained its “AAA” sovereign rating due to structural forces such as the size of the economy, high per capita income and a dynamic business environment. Last month, Moody’s also confirmed its highest sovereign rating … Read more

The United States ready to implode

The breaches are widening, spreading and multiplying in the foundations of the United States. The Supreme Court’s June 24 revocation of the Roe vs. wade [qui avait légalisé le droit à l’avortement en 1973] creates, whatever one may think about the substance, a crisis of legitimacy. For the right, the leak of the draft of … Read more

How to preserve and store meat?

Due to the heat wave that is hitting certain regions of the kingdom, some Moroccans fear the risk of putrefaction of the meat and therefore the food poisoning that follows. In this regard, the office has published a booklet in which it reviews the causes and advice to follow. To read: Aid Al Adha in … Read more

Nordahl Lelandais’ lawyer tries “to get into his head” but “does not excuse anything”

Arnaud Bizot, in Grenoble 02/18/2022 at 08:17Updated 02/18/2022 at 08:52 Alain Jakubowicz, Nordahl Lelandais’ lawyer pleaded Thursday in Grenoble, believing that his client “deserves 30 years in prison”. He hesitated for a long time to agree to defend Nordahl Lelandais. In 2017, Alain Jakubowicz, lawyer for business law, the press, a time president of the … Read more

When to hire a business law attorney? –

The main objective of the company is to profit by producing and then offering goods and services to its customers. However, to achieve this goal, the services offered by employees are not enough. Indeed, it is possible that the company is confronted with difficulties preventing the smooth running of its activities. Thus, it will require … Read more

Diplomacy: China and the United States have reached a “consensus”

Ebetween China and the United States, it’s a matter of discussion. The heads of Chinese and American diplomacy, Wang Yi and Antony Blinken, spoke on Saturday, July 9, and expressed “constructive” discussions and “consensus” to try to ease the complicated relations between the two superpowers . During a meeting in Bali, Antony Blinken spoke about … Read more