JIM.fr – Direct August 7: A sub-variant of BA.4 under surveillance in the United States

This watch allows you to quickly find some of the brief information about the current epidemic. Find all our articles on the Covid-19. 4 p.m. – A BA.4 sub-variant under surveillance in the United States The American CDC warns about the emergence and dissemination of a BA.4 sub-variant, BA.4.6, which the American institute places on … Read more

Children not allowed: when the youngest are a problem in the restaurant

This would be the fashion for good tables reserved for adults, far from the cries and whims of toddlers with overwhelmed parents. Beware of false good ideas and clichés. Article reserved for subscribers By The editorial staff with Julien Bosseler Published on 7/08/2022 at 15:39 Reading time: 4 mins Lidea (re-) made waves on social … Read more

Puppy ‘forgotten’ in car suffocates in mall parking lot, rescue operation succeeds

The panting, exhausted puppy had been in the passenger compartment of the car for more than two hours. It was the Cap 3000 security guards, alerted by a witness very worried about the animal, who intervened this Saturday around 6 p.m. They called in the municipal police. The vehicle was not exposed to the sun, … Read more

the owners of the restaurant “Peper” deplore a new scourge in Belgium

Published on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 5:57 p.m. Stefanie and Philip have already paid the price of malicious people. The owners of the restaurant “Peper” complain about the situation. It is unfortunately a habit for many of us: consult reviews on the internet before going to a restaurant. But some people do it for … Read more

There are too many cats in the premises of the Haute-Loire SPA

Awareness campaigns on the eve of vacation departures have multiplied in recent years. However, nothing helps: the abandonments continue. And the Haute-Loire is no exception to the phenomenon. Unsterilized females “Dropouts happen all year round. But during the summer, we get a lot more cats. These are wild females, not sterilized or even unwanted litters, … Read more