Not so dumb question. Is Caen a fan of “shoefiti”, like in the United States?

Sneakers have been hanging from electric wires, in 2022, for several months, avenue Henry Chéron, in Caen (Calvados). ©Agathe Caudron/Freedom Caen

When we walk in the district of Venoix, Caen (Calvados), avenue Henry Chéron, the gaze is automatically drawn to the two pairs of worn sneakers, each hanging from an electric wire. The first one has been there for several months. As for the second, we have been guessing it since the end of winter 2022. How did they get there?

The laces have been tied in such a way that the shoes are tied, the better to throw them away afterwards and they fall right on the electric wire.

This phenomenon is called the “shoefiti”. According to an article by France Blue, it would be the contraction of “shoe” and “graffiti”. Some also call it “shoe tossing”.

The world says that this fashion began in the 2000s in the United States. She then arrived “in France. Apart from Paris, it is mainly the cities of the West that are affected, such as Rennes and Nantes”.

Gangs or drug trafficking?

In the USA, the “shoefiti” is used “most often”, to signal “a point of sale of drugs or to delimit a territory for gangs”, as explained by The world. Mainly in “lightly frequented and dark alleys”, it can also illustrate “a tribute to a person killed there during urban brawls”.

More rue Écuyère sneakers?

In 2021, in Caen, it was rather in a usually crowded street that we could also see a pair of shoes hanging. At the entrance to rue Écuyère, opposite the old courthouse, the phenomenon was just above the passers-by. Did you notice it?

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