Neighborhood problems: she finds her dog hanging from a beam, a complaint filed in the Oise

It was on returning from work that the owner of the Malinois, who is called Orus, would have discovered the animal and would have done everything to save him.

A few minutes later, she couldn’t have done anything. Saturday June 25, a resident of Lihus, a small village in the Oise comes home from work and goes to see his dogs who are locked up to kennel.

One of them is missing On call. She feels that something is going on as she tells it on Facebook.

Hanging with a choke collar

According to her testimony, she panicked and discovered her Malinois hanging from a beam in one of the buildings outside her property.

The animal is unconscious hung with a choke collar. This is Orus, a 3 year old Malinois. She picks it up quickly, shakes it and after a few minutes, the animal regains consciousness, a little lost.

Not accepted by the neighborhood

Without denouncing anyone, the owner of the dog specifies that since their arrival in the village with his companion four years ago, them dogs disturb the neighbours, in particular because of their barking when they are away.

After several complaints to the town hall, it was decided to equip them of anti bark collars and placing them in purpose-built kennels when the couple is away from home.

Several threatening attacks

The owner also specifies that before finding her hanged dog, there had already been some attacks on animals and the family..

She says she had found meatballs full of nails and screws to hurt the dogs, she even adds that someone had broken the back window of his car.

MBut according to the mayor, the situation had calmed down until the day of the legislative elections.

A formal notice the day before the attack on Orus

On June 19, complaints would have been reported to the mayor because the dogs would have barked all night, as reported by Oise Hebdo.

The mayor specifies that he had to redo a formal notice and deposited the letter specifying it in the mailbox of the couple the day before the hanging of the dog.

A complaint for act of cruelty and an investigation to verify the veracity of the facts

The owner contacted the police to come to the scene. The mayor also visited the scene.

The owner filed a complaint on Monday June 27 for an act of cruelty to an animal.

An investigation has been opened by the Beauvais prosecutor’s office. Verifications are underway to determine the circumstances of this hanging and also to determine the veracity of the facts denounced.

Threats on social networks

The Facebook post that tells the story posted by the owner on Saturday, June 25, which has been shared nearly 6,000 times, caused a lot of reaction on social networks.

And many are now attacking the mayor and send him many threats.

Besides, the owner of Orus added a message stating: “JI do not endorse the fact that insults, attacks or messages of threats are made towards the town hall. I didn’t share my story for there have a relentlessness on the leaders of the municipality but simply to raise awareness and perhaps obtain information on the drama that we have experienced.

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