McDonald’s: Pokémon Happy Meals is making a comeback at fast food!

The return of Pokémon in Happy Meals? McDonald’s is thinking about it and will put the toys back in its little boxes in the UK!

Children can hope to find Pokémon in their Happy Meals! While McDonald’s had already managed to agree with Nintendo in 2021, Pikachu is expected to return soon. MCETV explains everything!

Catch them all !

Because between toys and books, the Happy Meal continues to seduce children. Especially since the American burger giant continues to maintain the price of its boxes. Despite inflation and the passage of time, it remains at 4 euros.

A true flagship of McDonald’s around the world. And even if the American firm continues to innovate in flavors and is leaving this summer for Italy, children only have eyes for one thing: toys. And good news could be coming soon.

Indeed, after the success of the Happy Meal with Pokémon cards included last year, everyone wants to try the adventure again. The American and Japanese firms should even agree quickly enough to relaunch the cards.

McDonald’s in Great Britain should thus announce shortly the return of “Pocket Monsters” in its Happy Meals. Good news for Nintendo and Pokémon Company who has broke a lot of records last year.

To continue to bring children to this universe that fans discovered at the end of the 1990s, the Happy Meal seems to be the perfect choice. Because these cards continue to turn in the playgrounds. And thus perpetuate the legend of Pokémon.

McDonald’s: Pokémon Happy Meals is making a comeback at fast food!

McDonald’s: when will Pokémon be in France?

It remains to be seen whether the agreement between the fast food giant and the video game giant will reach France. Because British sites are resuming all the info from NintendoLife: Pokémon goes come back much earlier than expected in the Happy Meals.

Indeed, the knowledgeable site announces a date: August 3. From that day on, the little Brits will once again collect Pokémon. It remains to be seen which games McDonald’s and Nintendo have decided to put in place.

It was about cards the last time they could follow the same vein. They could also decide whether to put books or figurines in place. But the American firm has decided to stop plastic toys, which adds a difficulty.

So what will the Happy Meal Pokémon look like? The little English will be able to pass the message to the little French on August 3 if everything goes as planned. Then maybe McDonald’s France will also follow this line.

Because summer vacation starts July 7. Until the end of August, there will be departures and returns from holidays. So for those who want to have a little McDo for the holidays, the Happy Meals are likely to turn out quite badly for the little ones.

From August, some of them could fight to find the new Pokémon gifts. The announcement in France could thus arrive after that in the United Kingdom…

Although nothing seems official at the moment, the return of Pokémon in Happy Meals seems to be on the right track !

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