Lorraine. Vanille and Noisette, two dogs arrived from Guadeloupe, are looking for a family

Vanille and Noisette, mother and daughter, are looking for a family. (© Thionville SPA)

They smile at the photographer. Noisette and Vanille, two female dogs freshly arrived from Guadeloupe, were honored by the SPA of Thionville.

And for good reason: the two balls of hair are waiting wisely, but impatiently, for their family for life.

two is better

As the shelter states, mother and daughter can be adopted separately. But, his teams hope to place them both in one and the same family.

Aged eight and seven, they are described as “adorable, very playful, kind and affectionate”.

Regarding their agreements with other animals, it will be on a case-by-case basis. Even if, a priori, “they will prefer a house (or an apartment) without another dog”.

In case of crush, you can contact the SPA of Thionville at

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