Le Bez: their cat victim of a bullet wound

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“Mimi”, a young 2-year-old kitten, was found by his masters, in front of their home in Bez, the victim of a firearm. His brother had been found dead outside the gate some time ago.

What evil spell is hounding the tomcats in the Sidobre? After the disappearance of felines on the Saint-Jean plateau in Castres (our edition of July 15), here is an enemy of tomcats raging in the Pays brassagais, in the town of Bez. Not far from the sites where the missing cats of Castres have been seen and some found.

“Mimi”, 2 years old, was born with her two brothers in the chicken coop of the Garcia family, who have been living in the Bel Air district for three years. Their mother had disappeared. Virginie and her three children therefore adopted the siblings. The family-kitty cohabitation was happiest. But a first event darkened their daily life a year later: one of the three cats was found dead in front of the mailbox.

The weeks passed. Until Sunday, July 24, around 9:15 p.m. “I heard a scream near my home, says Virginie. “Mimi” was curled up in the garden, near a hedge. His suffering made him aggressive. But we were able to get him to safety without knowing what had happened to him.”

A complaint lodged

Shortly after midnight, the tomcat’s condition worsened. Virginie’s daughter and her friend therefore took over the management of the on-call veterinary clinic at Siala. The vet diagnosed a gunshot wound.

“I was hallucinating, confides Virginie. Especially since I had learned that the former owner of my home had lost her dog, in 2018, apparently victim of a gunshot wound, but that did not had not been confirmed.”

The next day, at 8 a.m., the Castres veterinarian announced the death of “Mimi”, confirming in his autopsy report the wound by a firearm.

The mother of the family filed a complaint with the gendarmerie brigade of Brassac for willful attack on the life of a domestic animal.

All the affection of Virginie and her children now goes to the third “Mimi”, who has lost his two brothers. Like a cry of pain, the Bel Air family put up a huge sign in front of their home, which reads “Near here lives an armed cat killer”!

In a short time, in the heart of Sidobre, the unfortunate stories of cats created emotion and indignation for many. If he doesn’t like tomcats, the aggressor would be well advised… to adopt another behavior.

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