Jubillar case. Cédric’s lawyers play public opinion against justice: here’s why

The investigation chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal is examining this Tuesday, June 28, 2022 the possibility of a release under judicial supervision of Cédric Jubillar. A measure rejected by the judge of freedoms, mid-June, who extended his pre-trial detention by 6 months (©Laurent Derne/Actu Toulouse)

“If you know of another, let me know…”. Me Alexander Martin is not Gerard Majaxfamous magician of the 80s resuscitated from the limbo of his cathodic retirement by the grace of a presidential intervention.

Probably tired of covering, month after month, the same and endless requests for releasethe journalist who interviewed Cédric Jubillar’s lawyer on the “alternative” means to get him out of prison had drawn this response: “If you know of another…” Ironic smile at the key.

Small phrases and big scuds

Rejected half a dozen times, the Tarnais’ requests for release, indicted for the murder of his wife Delphine (which he denies), were systematically appealed by the defence. only legal weapon at his disposal. But nothing, at this time, has changed the course of justice in this case.

Nor the frontal (or subtle) attacks against the gendarmes of the Toulouse SR and the investigating magistrates, mixing, pell-mell, accusations ofrelentlessness or d‘incompetence, during improvised press briefings on the steps of the palace. Nor the oratorical arguments developed by the trio of lawyers Martin-Franck-Alary, during closed hearings. Nor their conclusions written in memoirs of several pages.

Judges vs public opinion?

The “serious and consistent clues” raised in turn, mid-June, by the judge of freedoms – after a dive in apnea in the 11,000 pages of the file – still weigh as heavily on the shoulders of the craftsman, as his wife wanted to leave for another. In a skilfully orchestrated ballet – decision contrary to expectations, immediate appeal – the defense has so far failed to convince the professionals who have access to the entire procedure.

But one criminal record can also be played on more fluid ground: that of public opinion. And if they fail to influence the judges who have their noses in the case, the defense lawyers are betting big on the future jurors of the assize trial which is looming. In the manner of poker players of which the boarder is a follower.

“Justice does not dare to say: we were wrong”

With the invigorating media coverage of the Jubillar affair for 18 months now, incessantly hammering innocence of their client serves as their mantra in this alleged murder, without a body. Like a little background music. A refrain that makes its nest in the hollow of the ear and never comes out.

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“We hear: if Cédric Jubillar is in prison, it is that he is guilty”, railed Me Emmanuelle Franck, on June 13, when the judge of freedoms had just extended the provisional detention of the craftsman by six months. She analyzed:

“If tomorrow justice decided to release him, public opinion would think: ‘Ah, he is innocent’. The debate is not there, but justice is afraid, I believe, of the reaction of public opinion public”.

Me Emmanuelle FranckLawyer of Cédric Jubillar

Me Martin went one better. “Justice does not dare to say, we were wrong. It is now a problem of institutional credibility. We are not going to give up and we will continue to fight until justice opens its eyes”.

Playing on the same springs as the Viguier affair

A mysteriously missing wife. A lover. A husband erected as a symbol of miscarriage of justice fermenting. The oldest will recognize the springs of the Viguier case.

The Toulouse university professor had been acquitted twice, after being released from pre-trial detention after ten months. Hence the fierce combativeness of the plasterer’s lawyers who bet everything on the parallel between the two cases and the doubt that benefits ultimately to the accused.

Wristband or no wristband?

Cedric Jubillarhe seems set to stay behind bars at least eight months longer than the college professor, in the event of rejection of his request for release under electronic bracelet by the Investigation Chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal, which is examining his request this Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

Until a possible spousal murder trial? A qualification that would incur the self-proclaimed “most famous guy in the Tarn”, life imprisonment.

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