Jean-Luc Reichmann: His dog Donna has three legs, he explains the incident (EXCLUDED)

If you don’t know her on social networks, you must have seen her… at least in an episode of the series Leo Mattei, since she is part of the cast. It is with his adorable dog, Donna, that Jean-Luc Reichmann evolves on a daily basis. With her, among other things, that he celebrates in June 2022 the 12th anniversary of his show The twelve strokes of noon. This adorable pooch has been part of the family for a long time. Unfortunately, she encountered some health problems that almost caused her loss. Full of energy, Donna now walks on three legs.

The veterinarians told us that we had to prick her

She just had a tumor, explains Jean-Luc Reichmann to Purepeople. The veterinarians told us that it would be very, very complicated, that we had to prick her. And then we thought there might be another solution. I am crazy about animals. Our pets are like family members. So indeed, like a member of the family, a leg was removed because there was a tumour. She played in Leo Mattei, I hope she will still be there to play in the next season. We did everything to save her, we saved her, it’s been a year in July that she’s been on three legs and she’s doing really well.

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