“I live in hell”: stranded in the United States, Jeremstar recounts his misadventure

Jeremstar’s stay in New York ended on a false note. A few weeks after escaping death in the Balearic Islands, the Youtubeur gave himself up on his galleys before returning to France, on social networks

Decidedly, this is not really Jeremstar’s best period. In early June, the former reality TV blogger said he had the fear of his life. In effect, the videographer escaped the worst during a drowning. “We were stuck in a tank with current and huge waves. We had lost our feet and couldn’t come back… We were literally exhausted and impossible to get back to shore. We started to panic and drink the cup. It’s horrible to live. We were screaming, ‘Help’, and no one heard our cries for help.” he said.

A few hours after this tragedy, Jeremstar had given more details about how he was feeling at the time. You think about a lot of things… I was thinking about my mother and everything… I thought it was really over” he confided in tears. Fortunately, everything is back to normal. A few days ago, the influencer decided to change his mind by going to New York with some friends. But then, nothing went as planned.

Jeremstar blocked for 48 hours at airports

A little less than a month after this episode, Jeremstar has again experienced some serious adventures. At least that’s what he revealed to his subscribers this Saturday, July 2, 2022. “I’ve been living in hell for 24 hours and I’m stuck in the USA” he blurted out. Then he began his story by saying:They stole my passport in a hurry (…) they gave it back to me, but I thought I was going to miss my plane (…) I don’t know why I’m taking it because I know I’m stuck in Atlanta (…) I don’t know when my passport was taken from me. We found him in a place where I did not go at all”.

A few hours later, Jeremstar found himself in turmoil again in Frankfurt. “After being blocked in Atlanta for more than 24 hours, I am now blocked in Frankfurt for 24 hours (…) I am completely released in nature, I am the only one to encounter this problem. I am the only French in this case (…) I’ve been on my journey for more than 48 hours (…) It’s unheard of, I wonder how I can experience so many things in such a short time” is sorry the one who canceled his participation in Fort Boyard. Let’s hope he quickly sees the end of this obstacle course.

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