Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Takes Effect

She has already made a lot of talk about her. Promulgated last March, the “don’t say gay” law comes into force on July 1st. In Florida, it is now forbidden to teach subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity, according to information from our colleagues at radiofrance.

According to Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, “it’s up to parents to talk about these issues with their children.” Many teachers, parents and activists at the Orange County Public Schools Board in Orlando oppose the law.

According to the founder of the association LGBTQ + “One Orlando”, Josh Bell, the ambitions of governor Ron DeSantis are elsewhere. “Our governor has always bet on extremist ideas: he tries to position himself for the presidency by seducing Trump’s electorate. The more extreme you are, the more votes you get, and he uses the LGBTQ community as a political target,” says the activist. A few days after the judgment of the law “Roe v. Wade” giving states the freedom to ban abortions, from this Friday it will also be forbidden to talk about your sexuality in Florida schools…

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