Dog Abandoned on Streets Over Christmas Makes Surprising Recovery

A helpless dog called Tiggy, who was found in total abandon on the streets of the town of Blythe, Northumberland (England), was rescued on Christmas Eve. Tiggy was cruelly left on the streets in such critical condition that he was practically given up for dead.

His condition was pitiful, he was literally skin and bones, he had no fur, his rib cage was visible and his ribs were sticking out, a situation that foreshadowed the worst for him. the helpless little dog.

Much to his luck, he was found by animal welfare officers, who rescued him from the streets and took him to Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK), where he was cared for with the services necessary for his recovery, according to the Daily Mail.

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Although the people in charge of his care feared that Tiggy would not make it through Christmas due to his critical condition, he suddenly reversed all predictions and miraculously started to recover.

It is worth highlighting the importance of BARK and his manager Jan Ross in the wonderful recovery of Tiggy, who was treated with special attention from the moment he arrived.

The dog had to live in a house, because he could not be with the other dogs, and he was put on a proper diet to regain his weight, because when he arrived at the shelter, he weighed around almost 11 kg , well below normal weight.

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Jan commented:

“Seeing the dog for the first time gave me mixed feelings of shock, horror, fear, relief and instant love for his fighting spirit. »

Dog Abandoned on Streets Over Christmas Makes Surprising Recovery

Tiggy underwent several medical tests, as he was thought to be ill, but to everyone’s surprise, all he needed was parasite medication and a proper diet.

Until now, the mystery remains as to why this was done to Tiggy, and who abandoned him. Tiggy’s Shocking Story has gone viral and caught the attention of Northumberland County Council, who are doing all they can to find the culprits.

The organization appealed to the public to provide any information about the abandoned dog and to try to find those responsible.

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They added:

“This is a shocking and inexcusable case of neglect and we are keen to shed light on how he ended up in such an emaciated state and hold the person(s) responsible to account. »

As for his recovery, the dog is making extraordinary progress, he has gained weight and his physical appearance has improved very markedly, even his attitude towards other people and dogs has changed, his confidence has completely evolved.

Jan also said:

“He is doing very well… a few days ago he was over 18kg, a few more kilos, which will probably be mostly muscle, he will soon be at his desired weight. »

Although he was abandoned at Christmas, he became a beautiful gift for a family who truly loved him. On the plus side for Tiggy is that he receives hundreds of toys donated by the community, coats, necklaces, food and treats which he really appreciates.

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At the time, Tiggy was told with surprise that he needed to find a new home. Today we learn, thanks to information from the Northumberland County Councilthat Tiggy has joined her forever home.

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