Does Donald Trump’s Shadow Still Hover Over the White House?


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C. Guttin, B. Laigle, T. Donzel, K. Sullivan, L. Setyon – France 2

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After the abortion, the Supreme Court, an authority with a conservative majority, has just attacked Joe Biden’s policy of reducing CO2 emissions. The latter wonders about the power and the ideological influence put in place by Donald Trump during his mandate.

Could the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion be a sign that Donald Trump’s shadow still hangs over the White House? During his four years in office, the former president set up a network of ultra-conservative judges throughout the country, in order to influence major societal issues. “When it comes to gun rights, abortion, if you don’t have the Supreme Court and the judges on your side, you can’t win”he said in a speech.

At the Supreme Court, Donald Trump elected three judges for life during his term: the very conservative Amy Coney Barrett, and the two judges Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Supported by the powerful anti-abortion lobbies, they worked for the revocation of this right. The former president also made sure to have support among the federal judges. He appointed 234 during his tenure, for life. They investigate disputes under the Constitution at the level of each State.

Give a conservative turn at all levels of the state, a deliberate strategy? “Donald Trump appointed people to the justice system who had less experience and who were rated lower by the American Bar Association, but who were ideologically more right-wing, especially in their personal beliefs”, analyzes Todd Belt, professor of political management. During the presidential election, it is also the federal judges who validate the results of their state, and can request a recount of the votes.

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