Cotentin. For lack of a buyer, this restaurant is for sale on “SOS Villages”

The “La Bruyère” restaurant has been open in Jobourg, in La Hague (Manche), since 1984. (©La Presse de la Manche)

“We went through three agencies. The trade is for sale for four months, but we have no calls yet. “After nearly thirty years at the head of their restaurant “La Bruyere”at Jobourg (delegated municipality of La Hague, Manche), Jean-Marc Leliepault and Ghislain Monchaux have decided to sell. Goodwill, walls… Everything is for sale!

“Huge potential”

“I bought in 1986, and Ghislain joined me in 1999. He invested and took over as cook,” explains Jean-Marc. Today, the business runs with three additional employees : a cook, a waitress and a dishwasher bartender.

“It’s a healthy business. We have a loyal clientele, and many tourists during long weekends and summer holidays. We operate with an average of 35 meals per service. We are full every Sunday noon. »

Ghislain MonchauxCo-owner of the restaurant “La Bruyère”

They offer a fairly elaborate cuisinewith some fresh and as local products as possible.

“I think we have evolved since opening. As long as it’s fresh and good, I believe that here, in The Hague, it works. »

Ghislain MonchauxCo-owner of the restaurant “La Bruyère”

However, despite all the arguments and the potentialtypical stone building, possibility of developing a terrace, restoring the bread oven, extending opening hours, no buyer has yet pointed the tip of his nose.

“Our business has been on sale for four months in three different agencies. But we have no news from either of them. So, I thought I was going to say a word about SOS Villages. I knew the show a little, I said to myself: why not? I simply posted an announcement on the website and we also put a message on social networks. »

Jean-Marc LeliepaultCo-owner of the restaurant “La Bruyère”

“No longer have a schedule”

If the result is not yet up to par, “people talk to us about it and now know that we are on sale”, smile the two managers.

On SOS Village in the English Channel, 57 properties are currently for saleincluding a majority of restaurants.

“It is true that it is complicated at the moment. Since confinement, people have become aware that it was also pleasant to take advantage of their own. Catering is a thankless job, where you have to spend many hours in your restaurant, working when others are benefiting. But for me, and we sincerely believe it, it remains the best job in the world. »

Jean-Marc Leliepault and Ghislain MonchauxOwners of the restaurant “La Bruyère”

So, while waiting for the new owners to enjoy a peaceful retreat where they appreciate “taking time for themselves and not having a schedule”, the managers of “La Bruyère” continue to serve fillet of beef, the tide of the day or hot raspberries, “the institution of home “.

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The restaurant is open every lunchtime, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as Friday and Saturday evening.

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