Chef Nessiba prepares the largest couscous dish in the world

Algeria – On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Algerian Independence Day, Chef Nessiba plans to break a world record by preparing the largest couscous dish in the world. The details are explained for you in the following part of this passage.

Algeria, country of gastronomy? Absolutely yes, according to the recent ranking established by the experiential travel guide, Taste Atlas. Full of succulent tastes, Algerian cuisine is in the top 50 of the classification and ahead of all Arab countries. Thus, in order to affirm the status of DZ cuisine, the popular cook in Algeria, Chef Nessiba, decided to prepare the greatest couscous, on a world scale.

For the curious, do not move! Dzair Daily reveals for you, this Monday, July 4, more details on this gastronomic event. Indeed, Chef Nessiba’s culinary performance has always fascinated his audience. The mixture of textures, the artistic presentation of the dishes, his creations make food lovers salivate.

Algeria: the date and place of the gastronomic event

This lady with magical hands recently decided to promote the Algerian culinary heritage, which is as secular as it is inexhaustible. This, by preparing a giant couscous, this July 5, 2022. And this, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Algerian Independence Day. This is what emerges from the social networks of the young woman.

Both traditional and modern, this semolina-based dish remains the best-known dish in DZ territory. This prompted the gastronomic youtuber to implement a feat in terms of cooking and to make an XXL couscous. This initiative essentially aims to unearth and promote the Algerian culinary art.

It is brought to the attention of all interested to discover the realization of Chef Nessiba that the culinary event will take place in the Saâda center. This one is located in the commune of Soumaa, at the level of the wilaya of Blida. This is what emerges from the publication of the Algerian specialist.

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