Cats thrown on the bay window, dog beaten with a rope … A man sentenced to Tulle (Corrèze) for abuse of his animals

This Tullist had so far never been talked about. However, justice had to take a close interest in this young man aged 22 after the report to the police by the neighborhood of abuse committed on his animals.

It was a neighbor who, from her terrace, was able to film the scenes in the apartment of the respondent and warn the police station in Tulle (Corrèze). Placed in police custody, the owner ended up, confronted with the images, by confessing to the violence committed from January to recent days on his dog and his two cats.

Dogs and cats “copiously hit”

Relatively young animals, specifies the public prosecutor of Tulle, before whom the violent owner was brought this Thursday, June 30 as part of an appearance on prior recognition of guilt. According to the person in charge of the parquet floor, the animals were “copiously beaten”: “the cats thrown on the ground or against the bay window of the apartment, a braided rope was used to hit the dog”.

An investigation opened following the broadcast of a video showing a beaten dog in a car in Brive (Corrèze)

In his defence, the respondent mentioned personal and professional concerns and a lack of sleep which pushed him to get over his nerves on the dog and the two cats.

The animals seized, the SPA becomes a civil party

In addition to prosecution for “serious abuse or act of cruelty to domestic animals”, the young man was also prosecuted and sentenced for “usurpation of quality”, specifies the public prosecutor: “Non-military employee at the gendarmerie school from Tulle, he had a tricolor card to return to his place of work. It is this same card, likely to cause confusion, that he exhibited to the neighbor who was alarmed by the situation.

The animals, including the dog suffering from a paw, were all seized by the services of the SPA, which filed a civil action. The defendant was sentenced to a 4-month probationary sentence with the obligation to take care of himself, to perform community service for 70 hours and to repair the damage with the SPA. In addition, he was prohibited from keeping an animal for 5 years.

Julien Bachellerie


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