By car, he hits a pedestrian near a restaurant in Cuesmes: not wanted to kill

By GM | Published on 07/11/2022 at 06:04 On the night of March 9 to 10, 2019, driving his Golf in the parking lot of the Mega Grill restaurant in Cuesmes, ‘Jules’ (28) did not commit the attempted murder of ‘John’. The court found he was guilty of a scene of intentional beatings. ******* ** … Read more

Saint-Paul: three individuals armed with a machete and a firearm rob a restaurant in Saline-les-Bains

It is an improbable scene that took place in La Saline-les-Bains this Saturday, July 9. A restaurant was robbed by three hooded individuals armed with a machete and a firearm. About 300 euros were stolen. No one was injured. Around 11 p.m. this Saturday, July 9, three armed individuals of one cut-cut and one firearm … Read more

Under the magnifying glass of Match

First impression: “Like at home”, 9/10 Barely arrived in Bouilhac that Christophe Maury welcomes us with open arms. With his wife, this Perigordian fell in love with this former private mansion erected in 1654 in Montignac. The huge property is magnificent, carved out of blond stone, so typical of the region. Here reigns a warm … Read more

Ham and cancer: the National Health Security Agency would confirm, in a report, the harmfulness of nitrites

the essential The health agency Anses would recognize, in a document which will not be made public until Tuesday, July 12, the existence of a risk of cancer linked to nitrites which are found in cold cuts. According to an article from Sunday newspaper, published this Sunday, July 10, the health authority would have, for … Read more

advice from a French champion for successful grilling

In Alexandre Hurson’s garden, on the shores of Lac du Der (Haute-Marne), a small vegetable garden where he collects his aromatic herbs, but above all its plancha, its charcoal barbecue and its gas barbecue. This outdoor cooking enthusiast, crowned French champion between 2013 and 2016, cooks outdoors in winter and summer, from starters to desserts. … Read more

a new place of celebration and gastronomy

Opening of a new restaurant club Le Bourbon. Jean Maurice Each/ “SOUTH WEST” This same desire “to create with our activity an ecosystem around Bordeaux and its region” governs the supply of kitchens. However, there is no question of making a clean sweep of the past. The new occupants hold on to the identity of … Read more

A new restaurant on Place Grenette, we love it!

Benoît Brunel is passionate and enthusiastic, he’s the boss. “I am from Saint-Étienne, I did an IUT, then a work-study degree in commerce. At the time, I specialized in mass distribution”. At 28, the young man decided to change his life. “Setting up a restaurant is a childhood dream”. Benoît’s eyes shine. “It’s a project … Read more

Report confirms link between nitrites in deli meats and cancer

The National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) recognizes “the existence of an association between the risk of colorectal cancer and exposure to nitrites and nitrates”. rainbow33 / Alamy via Reuters The National Food Safety Agency would recommend continuing the already initiated reduction of nitrite salts in ham or sausage recipes. The National Food Safety Agency (Anses) … Read more