he implores her to escape the heat wave

A merchant discovers a stray cat in front of his door: he begs it to escape the heat wave The stray cat was looking for a cool place to shelter from the sun. France, Portugal, Greece or even the United States… Many countries are suffering from the heat during this summer of 2022. Escape the … Read more

Can cats forget their master?

Departure on vacation, long-term hospitalization, lost cat, a question probably torments you in the face of these life events: can cats forget their master? As you now know, the behavior and reactions of a cat differ greatly from those of a dog. While a dog does not fail to show his joy when he finds … Read more

Elderly Lady Makes New Friend After Losing Her Cat

An elderly lady in the United States has found happiness after losing her pet. Linda Williams lives in a residence for the elderly. Her cat succumbed to cancer, leaving the lady alone. But, thankfully, her loneliness was short-lived thanks to the South Carolina Department of Aging project, which helps people who are socially isolated. Mrs. … Read more

These 2 kittens who became friends at the shelter will never be separated

Fox and Alfie are 2 kittens born from 2 different litters. Yet they created an extremely strong bond while living in foster care. A woman bereaved by the recent disappearance of her cat wished to open her door to them. © @earthfelines laurena resident of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania to United Stateswas saddened … Read more

This cat manipulates neighborhood residents to take advantage of the food provided to strays

Patch is endowed with undeniable acting talents. She plays the sad and wandering animal in order to eat from all the bowls available to her. Her master, who no longer sees her much at home, has begged the community not to feed her for obvious reasons. © Ruth O’Grady – HullLive patch is a gorgeous … Read more