“Broken and exhausted”, the Americans are tired of all these marriages

“Wedding guests are broke, exhausted and begging for a break!” have fun wall street journal in an article devoted to the rebound in the number of marriages in the United States, after two summers marked by the pandemic.

As the American daily explains, this year 2022 is indeed not easy for Americans invited to many weddings. “The whole earth is getting married, says Mackenzie Crocker, 25, an Arkansas resident interviewed by the daily. At this point, it became part of my personality!”

The young woman has no less than 18 invitations for 2022. According to data compiled by the company Wedding Report, 2.5 million marriages should be celebrated this year in the country. A figure close to the record set in 1984.

A $10,000 budget for 7 marriages

Many weddings planned at the time of the pandemic having been postponed, the diaries of some find themselves filled, sometimes almost every weekend. Their wallets hardly support it when it comes to adding up the expenses for the trip (600 dollars on average by car, 1,300 dollars by plane), outfits and gifts.

Coleman Horsley, a 28-year-old with seven weddings planned, fears he’ll be worth more than $10,000. Having such a busy schedule is also a handicap for his love life, when he has to ask to postpone a “date” several months later, he explained to the Wall Street Journal.

As for those celebrating their wedding this year, like Meagan McCarthy and her new husband, impossible to fully enjoy their honeymoon! As soon as they are married, they must already follow up with half a dozen invitations in 2022. As a result, they were forced to cancel their honeymoon, which was planned for this year.

(This article was written by Eugénie Legouët-Camus, second year intern)

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