United States: three people struck dead in front of the White House (video)

Three people died and another was seriously injured after being struck by lightning across from the White House on Thursday night in Washington. A rare event. Two septuagenarians and a 29-year-old young man died in a square struck by lightning Thursday evening not far from the White House. Another person was seriously injured. “Two people … Read more

Food waste: UK supermarkets Waitrose announces removal of best before dates on nearly 500 products

British supermarkets Waitrose have announced the removal of best before dates on nearly 500 products. Objective: to avoid discouraging its customers from consuming food that is still good and thus to fight against food waste. “We estimate that removing dates from fresh fruits and vegetables could save the equivalent of 7 million baskets of food … Read more

Two young people try to set fire to a restaurant in Mons: they were filmed!

Published on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 8:45 p.m. By Jessica Collini An arson attack broke out in a building on rue d’Enghien in Mons on the night of Friday to Saturday. Two young people also tried to set fire to the Sushi House restaurant. They were even filmed. Here is the shocking video! The … Read more